Contact Lenses

The lenses which are made of special materials and placed on the front surface of the cornea in order to correct the refractive defects of the eyes are generally referred to as “contact lenses”. These lenses are placed on the front surface of the cornea, and ensure a clearer vision by correcting the retractive defect of the eyes with optic refractiles.

Currently, the principal reasons for wearing contact lenses are appearance and the discomfort of wearing glasses. People involved in sporting activities, a high tempo of work or those who do not wish to wear glasses prefer to wear contact lenses.

It is especially necessary for individuals who use high numbered glasses, who have a significant difference between their two eyes, and who suffer from irregular and high levels of astigmatism, to wear contact lenses in order to obtain the best quality of vision. Contact lenses can be used not just by these individuals, but also those who do not wish to wear contact lenses and whose eye structures are suitable.

Due to the needs of individuals and advancing technology, numerous types of contact lenses are offered for use today. While they are grouped under numerous different titles and shapes, contact lenses can generally be examined under 4 main headings:

- Soft contact lenses – gas permeable contact lenses – hard contact lenses – specially produced contact lenses.

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