Eyelid Diseases


As a general definition it can be said to be the introversion of the eyelashes and the eyelids. The introversion of the eyelids may cause corneal irritations. Medicinal treatments can be used in order to gain time, but the fundamental form of treatment is surgery.


This is the extroversion of the eyelids, and this occurs together with a watering of the eyes. While it has various different causes, the solution is surgery.


This is a fall of the eyelids. A large proportion of these are congenital (from birth), but most of them surface as a result of a separation of the holding tissue (aponeurosis) due to factors such as trauma and old age. It can also be seen following systemic illnesses and facial palsy. Its treatment is surgery. As ptosis may be a symptom of a systemic disease, general bodily scans also need to be performed carefully. As it can result in ambylopia among children, it should be treated as early as possible.

Plastic Surgery of the Eyelids

- BLEPHAROPLASTY is the procedure whereby the layers formed due to the sagging of the skin of the lower and upper eyelids or the muscle tissue are corrected.

- THE LIFTNG OF THE EYE BROWS – the lowness of the eye brows is corrected using plastic surgery.

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